The Alternative Therapists and Trainers Association (ATTA) is an Association of the Alternative therapists who practice, treat, heal and train people with alternative methods and all types of trainers. They could be Reiki Healers, Naturopath Doctors, Hypnotherapists, Graphologists, Pranic healers, Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, Motivational     Speakers, Corporate Trainers, Life Coaches etc.


To unite all Alternative Therapists and Trainers of India & to take Indian Alternative Therapists and Training Industry on next Level by Sharing knowledge & experience.


To be India’s Leading Association in encouraging Alternative Therapy
Healing’s and Providing Self-Development Training Skills to people.

Award Winner Sha Guru is the Founder and President of ATTA (Alternative Therapists and Trainers Association). Sha Guru is also the Owner and Founder of SAP World Company. He has been working in the Alternative Therapies field since 7 years, during this period he has been researching on Science and Secrets of Energies. He is also a highly skilled Motivational speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer, Corporate Trainer & Mind Programmer and has Designed and Delivered Public Lectures and Workshops. Being the Chief Editor of National Monthly Magazine “Consumer Power” Mr. Ahmad created awareness among the public regarding the Social, Political and Economic issues of the Society. He is also a member of Indian Motion Picture Producers Association and The Film Writer’s Association. Sha Guru’s teachings are also known among the Corporate Sectors, Adolescent and Adult Rehabilitation Centers, Social Welfare- Departments, NGO’s, Non-Government Organizations  &  Government Organizations.   Mr. Ahmad is in a mission to enlighten people by providing knowledge and wisdom about the immense and immeasurable power of brain.

Team Members 

Dolly Deepak Jain -healer

Dolly Deepak Jain

Ramdas Mundaye

Ramdas Mundaye


Krishnaja Hareendran

Reiki Healer & Hypnotherapist

Deepak Upadhayay

MIT Counsellor & Trainer

Shweta Tilak

Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist