The membership of a professional association has acquired a considerable importance and prestige all over the world. Therapists and Trainers have become members of ATTA and are representing their field of practice.

An ATTA Member gets an opportunity

  1. To be a Part of Alternative Therapists and Trainers  Network.
  2. To get benefits from ATTA Client Network.
  3. To Update your upcoming Seminars and Workshops Details on ATTA Scroll Board.
  4. To get ATTA Registered Registration  No.
  5. To get ATTA Certificate & ID Cards.
  6. To be a part of ATTA organizing Exhibitions & Awards Shows.
  7. To be informed of All Upcoming Events and Seminars of the Fraternity.

Future Activities by ATTA

ATTA  Newspaper

  1. You can Write Articles about your field of Practice, which help people know more about you.
  2. Publishing Ads display your contact details to get direct Client.
  3. Read by More Than 5000+ Therapists and Trainers that takes your recognition to a higher level.

Radio ATTA

  1. To share your experience or Success Stories on Radio ATTA.
  2. To place Ads in between Programmes.
  3. Radio Provides a Strong Call-To-Action


  1. Face Recognition among Alternative Therapists and Trainers of the World being on ATTA Channel.
  2. Displays Contact Details.
  3. Exposure to Clients of Field Interest & Public awareness of your Field of Practice.